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Dream Machine

Dream Machine – The Game v1.32 APK

Dream Machine – The GameManipulate fantastical machinery and solve the many mysterious optical illusions that lie in wait. Use all your ability to survive hazardous levels and fight epic boss battles. Guide your mechanical friend from an oppressive workplace and lead them to freedom. Is it real or simply an illusion? Drift into the dream […]


LAMP: Day&Night v1.42 APK

LAMP: Day&Night ※ This game doesn’t need Wi-Fi connection. ※ Precautions, See the example below for play. The twin sisters of Day and Night possess special powers of light and darkness. But because of their contrasting powers, they have brought uncontrollable chaos into the world, and after long years of fight between the two, they […]


Reality Show: Fatal (Full) v1.0.0 APK

Reality Show: Fatal (Full) Everyone knows that breaking into showbiz can be tough. But for participants on Fright Reality Show, it can be murder! After a man is killed on the set of the hit series, you are called in to uncover the truth behind the crime!

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